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Here’s what some of our Concord, CA customers are saying about us:

I've been going to this shop for several years with the different cars. Always received excellent service and advice about my cars. Carlos is an honest and great guy, It's hard to find a place like this. My parents also take their cars here, I've also recommended a friend. Every time I need some kind of repair or work done, I know I can always trust to get the best service and prices here.

Christopher Carlos Google Review

Great service today on my minivan. Great alternative if you're looking to avoid paying $150/hr for labor at a dealership.

Stephen McQuillan Google Review

As many people know - being an owner of a foreign vehicle requires intricate & expensive repairs! Thankfully I found an auto shop that I TRUST! The shop owner Carlos provided specific info on what fixes were required and made sure to get my APPROVAL before making any repairs. Owning a 95' BMW requires expensive parts but I made sure to price check. Their prices were reasonable & fair. I will definitely continue to take my vehicles (BMW/HONDA) to the auto shop.

Christopher Zazueta Google Review

I have taken 2 vehicles here and they always provide the best service. Both of my German cars get the repairs done right the first time. The staff is friendly and knowledgable and assure you any extra repairs they find are in your best interest. I have referred several others here and will return again for next repair or oil change.

Daniel Quezada Google Review

I've been taking my BMW to Carlos since I bought it in 2008, and I took my Nissan to him before that. Both of my parents also take their cars there (Nissan, BMW, and Volvo). He's always honest about what needs to be done, prices, and the amount of time it's going to take. As you can see, he has experience with all kinds of cars, and his hours are very convenient. Even though I've moved about an hour away from his shop, I still take my car there because I trust him with my car.

Camille Dolojan Google Review

I received great service from this place so I had to write a review! I was in a time crunch and needed to get to work. The owner (Carlos) allowed me drop off the car before the shop opened at 7:30a.m. He helped me with a ride to work and provided me a ride back to the shop. My car was fixed and in working condition in no time! I would recommend this auto care place to anyone.

Miranda Pabst Google Review

I have been bringing my cars to Carlos and staff for over 22 years, I would never have any one else work on them. I have always found Foreign Auto Repair, to be very accomodating with my schedule, reasonabley priced, my car is always fixed in the time quoted if not sooner and I have never had any problems with any thing that has been repaired. I would and have recommended Carlos and Foreign Auto Repair to any of my friends.

Lynn Spiby Google Review

very simple honest qualityservice fair prices ihad my mercedes for brakes and tune up done cost me almost half prices compare to other shops with the original parts.i will recoment this shop.

juan tafur Google Review

20+ years of quality service from Foreign Auto Care. Carlos(owner) and staff have exceeded expectations. We've especially enjoyed and benefited from the priority service we received to time sensitive repairs and service. Mike and Shannon

Shannon Haynes Google Review

I was next door getting my oil changed when it was noticed that my car was leaking oil out of its differential. The oil change people (Midas) didn't work on differentials, but brought over Carlos (owner of Foreign Auto Care, who is next door) to view the situation.

Carlos was extremely professional and was able to address my issue almost immediately. Would highly recommend. Honest and trustworthy experience.

John W. Yelp Review

Third car with Carlos!!!! He's THE best!! Fast friendly and very good at what he does! Best price around!!! Have been trusting him with my cars for over 20 years!!!

Barb M. Yelp Review

Carlos is a very good, honest mechanic with very good pricing. I've been taking my 4-Runner and Sienna to him for the past 5 years or so and he has always done great work at a very competitive cost. I'm one of those people who really knows nothing about cars and could easily be taken advantage of and finding an honest mechanic is so great. I couldn't recommend Carlos and his shop any higher.

Brandon W. Yelp Review

Whenever I have a problem with my car Foreign Auto Care takes care of it with no problem. I was once stranded on the side of the road and was towed to Foreign Auto Care. Carlos immediately diagnosed the problem on my '97 C230 Mercedes and had it fixed within in an hour. Being that this was the first time my car had died on me I was grateful to have Carlos's great service nearby. Since then I have been a loyal customer and continue to have my car serviced by him.

Vanessa T. Yelp Review

Whenever I have a problem with my car Foreign Auto Care takes care of it with no problem. I was once stranded on the side of the road and was towed to Foreign Auto Care. Carlos immediately diagnosed the problem on my '97 C230 Mercedes and had it fixed within in an hour. Being that this was the first time my car had died on me I was grateful to have Carlos's great service nearby. Since then I have been a loyal customer and continue to have my car serviced by him.

Vanessa T. Yelp Review

I was driving through Concord late on a Friday afternoon when my check engine light came on. I went to Foreign Auto Repair and explained to Carlos that I was driving through on my way to Denver.. Carlos diagnosed the problem ( a faulty coil & spark plug), got the parts from the dealer and had me back on the road in less than a couple of hours.

Paul L. Yelp Review

I had Passat station wagon 2004 which turned into my nightmare with the dealer. I tried so many places but my care kept going back to the shop periodically and they kept my care for 2 days without working on my car!!! I was referred to one of my friends and on my last resort, I tried Foreign Auto Care. The owner, Carlos worked right away, called me with the diagnostics and provide fair and accurate price and turn-around time. There are so many funky business out there, it is nice to know that there are still a shop which care about the customer and the car they fix. They worked my care late at night so that I can use the car next day!! With a dealer, they usually tell me that their workers are low so that they cannot work on my car until maybe next day. Go figured! Since I used my car for my work, it really save me!!

Midori M. Yelp Review

I have been a long time customer of Foreign Auto Care, and cannot think of another place I would rather take my BMW. The owner Carlos is honest, fair, and the rates are much better than if I took it to the dealer. They always do quality work, and he keeps track of what he did last (i.e. oil changes, air filters, etc.) so I always know what still needs to be done. They fix it right the first time, which is really what you want in an auto mechanic. As for the integrity of the owner, when I went into labor at his shop (seriously!) this man drove me to John Muir Hospital and waited for my husband and family to arrive. Let's just say that I'll be a customer for life!

Jerri K. Yelp Review

I'll keep it simple.... Fair, Honest and Reliable repairs and service.

Carlos will take care of you.

Dan Q. Yelp Review

WOW! I can't believe the incredible service at this place. The owner Carlos is such a nice and understanding man. He listens to what your concerns are about what you need done to your auto. I have taken my car here several times and have not been disappointed yet. I would highly recommend this service place to anyone in the area.

Johnny N. Yelp Review

Let's face repair shops often get poor reviews because they are always charging too much for the amount of work that is done or you feel as thought they take advantage of you. This is NOT the case with Foreign Auto Care.

A co-worker told me about Carlos when she brought here 1998 BMW 740i in. She immediately told me how comfortable she felt with Carlos and how he took the time to explain and show her everything.
I have 2000 BMW 528i and decided to 'test' Carlos out. My right passenger window mechanism was broken and wouldn't go up all the way. I was able to purchase the part but needed someone to install it for me. I asked Carlos if he would do that and he said no problem and just charged me labor.

I then had a seal gasket that was old and making my engine smell like burnt plastic. He gave me a reasonable quote so I asked him to fix it. When I went to pick up my car, he said the gasket was old and it took his mechanic a little longer to remove and replace it. My first thought was I never received a call from him and I figured my bill would have extra $$$ since it took longer. To my surprise, he charged me exactly what he quoted.

Finally I recently took my car in because my transmission computer went on the blink. Carlos tested it and told me I probably needed a new computer but he reset everything and told me to see if my warning light comes on again. He charged me $95 for the test. The warning light didn't come on for about a week so I brought it back to him. He tested it once again to make sure and told me the same thing but this time DID NOT charge me for the test. I ended up getting my transmission computer replaced and once again used him to do the work.

Carlos is a very honest guy and NEVER makes you feel as though you are wasting his time when you ask him questions. He communicates great and will NEVER charge you more than he quotes. If he has to charge you more, he will call you first.

James M. Yelp Review

I have a 99 boxster. When the car first got to Carlos it was beyond repair. Carlos agreeded to keep the car and work on it as I payed him. I had to put thousands into it and Carlos was kind enough to keep the car for almost a year. I can't think of any other mechanic that would do that. The work he did on the car is outstanding after years of paying for a car I couldn't even drive I am now driving and loving my Porsche Boxster. Carlos went above and beyond even staying late after a long day so I could get off of work in Napa and drive to Concord to pick up the car after work. My wife and I are greatful and will be customers for life! Here's to the best foreign auto care in the bay area :) thanks so much Josh & Stef

J Z. Yelp Review

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